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If your looking for inspiration or encouragement, then look no further.  I came across this awesome article of a little girl who turned her passion into a business.  So often in life we chase money, thinking that will make our lives so much easier.  But this young girl reminds us all that Life is about doing what you love, and allowing it to sustain you!  Black History is happening ALL around the WORLD everyday!

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Watch the interview below and share this post with others to support her business.  The link is below!

Myfoxatlanta.com covered the story.

“Eleven-year-old Maya Penn is full of ideas. The 7th grader spends much of her time working them out in her Canton studio.

“It kind of depends on what my schedule is, but I like to be in here because I like to create new items and it’s really fun for me,” said Penn.

But unlike most children whose greatest entrepreneurial endeavor involves a lemonade stand — her creations make money. The idea came to her when she was just eight.

“I always loved to find fabrics around the house and say well, this might make a good headband or a good hat or something and then I thought one day I thought I could probably make a shop.”

Penn designs and hand makes eco-friendly clothing and accessories. And she’s now the CEO and owner of her own online company called Maya’s Ideas.”